Words have Power

Words have power.. every word carries a particular kind of energy.. Try a little experiment.
Sit in a quite place.
Keep your palms open.
Look at the right palm. Repeat Apple*7 times focusing on your right palm…. now close your eyes. Feel the weight in both the palms.. Do you feel any difference? Do you feel one palm weighs more than the other?
Yes! That is the power of words.

Do you even realise what all we speak in the entire day? It stays in the aura of a person.. it has certain impact on us even to the extent we don’t realise. Just because it is not visible to most of us… ( I say most of us because there are clairvoyants who can actually see what words do to our aura).

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese businessman, author and pseudo-scientist claimed that human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water. Emoto said that water was a “blueprint for our reality” and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water. Imagine a human body is made up of 70% water. What would be the impact of the words and thoughts you radiate every day?

Let me ask you a question, Say all the words that you speak start to appear on your body, what if all the words we spoke appeared on our skin.. would we still be beautiful? Think about it…. Stay Beautiful! Stay Happy! Stay Blessed?

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