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Thank you for your kind donations

The contribution amount is used towards various initiatives of Master Choa Kok Sui, spreading the teachings, Food & Ration distribution, Sponsorship program for GMCKS’ workshops, Free Healings & helping the marginalized and underprivileged section keeping in mind the SDGs.


10% of Total Sales Amount from this website is donated towards social causes considering SDGs.


We support the initiative of helping the underprivileged by “ EK MUTHI ANAJ” concept. Food distribution camps are often arranged in the nearby areas of Delhi/NCR and Pune by a group of volunteers.
We with the help of generous supporters and volunteers arrange free “ ration & cooked food distribution from time to time in slums & orphanages.
Come lets make a difference! Lets manifest the great vision of having Hunger Free World. Together We Can.


Healing camps are organised at different locations in Delhi & Pune. People from different spheres of life having health related or psychological issues come to the camp.

The volunteers provide them with a healing, & also make them aware of Energy & Pranic healing. Many people receive Miraculous Healings during the healing camps and it also inspires them to learn Pranic Healing for themselves and their family members.

The Team has organised many online sessions during the COVID19 PANDEMIC to make people aware about mental & physical health and how Pranic healing can help in such situations.

FREE HEALINGS have been provided to more than 500 COVID PATIENTS during the year 2020-2021 with 90% success results. Pranic Healing has helped many families with Covid patients to cope with the stress and trauma during the phase.

365 days of Online Mass Healing & Blessing sessions have been organised since 29th March, 2020 till 31st March, 2021, where a big group of healers did Mass Healing for Covid affected Patients in India and Worldwide.

SPREADING AWARENESS through Workshops & Seminars

Team TatTwamAsi is actively spreading the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, Twin Hearts Meditation, Super Brain Yoga & Pranic Healing at various locations including Corporates, Schools, Organisations, Offices, Institutions along with weekly Meditation and Healing Camp at the Centre.
We organise workshops for Pranic Healing, skill development, mental heath awareness, Stress Management & Mindfulness constantly Nurturing & helping people better their lives.

We are also providing Sponsorships to people from marginalised sections. TatTwamAsi has taken up various projects towards Women Empowerment providing employment & skill development.

Your support will help us carry with the social enterpreneurship initiatives.


Medical Expenses can be really expensive if it doesn’t get covered under insurance plans. We try to help with such assistance with the help of financial aid to cover the cost of medical expenses. During the pandemic, TatTwamAsi has successfully raised donations and helped more than 30 under privileged families. 100% of the amount received as donations was transferred to the needy and ver and above our Team oh Healers also provided Free Healing services for the patients. Your contribution will help for any and all such requests. 


Beneficiary Name: Tat Twam Asi

A/c no: 50200045995229

IFSC code: HDFC0000185

A/C type: HDFC Current account

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