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TatTwamAsi is launching its newsletter named Prajńa: Sharing Tips on energy management, Affirmations for healings, Insights on Spirituality, Angel Message of the month, Lucky number of the month, Lucky colour of the month, Lucky crystal of the monthAlso updates on TatTwamAsi Sessions, Product launch, various Activities to participate and help you nurture, grow, evolve and get along on the journey together.

Salt Water Bath

“Sea water or water with salt is very effective in removing diseased energy from the energy body. The water-with-salt treatment will substantially clean the energy body and gradually strengthen the body and its defense system. Although this treatment is simple, it is quite effective and therefore should be taken seriously.” – MCKS This treatment has …

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Words have Power

Words have power.. every word carries a particular kind of energy.. Try a little experiment. Sit in a quite place. Keep your palms open. Look at the right palm. Repeat Apple*7 times focusing on your right palm…. now close your eyes. Feel the weight in both the palms.. Do you feel any difference? Do you …

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